Ginger Bug

A ginger bug is a sweet thing to have around the house. Apart from having a great name and looking cute, it makes delicious drinks like ginger ale or ginger beer. Apparently you can use it to start bunches of other tasty sodas as well. The bug is very easy to make, so if you like any of those drinks and have a few free minutes, there is no excuse not to have one! All you have to do is mix water, sugar, and chopped ginger root, and keep feeding it more ginger and sugar for a few days. I got this recipe from A Life Unprocessed, which has a nice, detailed explanation of how to do it.

Well or spring water
Fresh ginger root
Sugar (unprocessed is best, but you can use plain white sugar and just add molasses every so often)

-Put 2 cups warm water into a jar and add 1 tbs chopped ginger root, skin included, and 1 tbs sugar. Cover with a cloth or folded paper towel and let sit in a warm place. Stir twice a day.
-Every day after, feed it 1tsp chopped ginger, 1 tsp sugar, and stir twice. It is ready to use when it is very bubbly on top. It should have a nice gingery smell to it too :)

Use it for homemade fermented drinks and enjoy!


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