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Kombucha Baby, AKA Suzie Q


Meet Suzie Q, our little kombucha baby taken as a stow-away from the hills of Tennessee. She’s in hibernation at the moment, living under my bed, so is kind of shy. But here’s her creation story:

Kombucha Recipe:

For 1 quart water:
2 tsp black tea (5 bags for 3 quarts)
1/3 c sugar
1 mother/baby kombucha scobi (a chunk or layer of scobi from someone who has a kombucha started)
10% kombucha from the last batch
1 glass quart jar
1 breatheable cloth and hair tie

Boil water, add tea and sugar. Let sit till cool. Put your baby and the kombucha from her mother scobi into your jar with the cool sweet tea. Cover with cloth and hair tie and tuck her away in a dark, kind of warm spot to grow.
She’ll hibernate for 8-days to a month before she’s ready to drink.

I just use this recipe as a general guide, but don’t measure exactly.

Also, a note on tea types: I’ve seen herbal tea used, but in my experience, you need at least some caffeine in there to start things up. Green tea is fine, too.
And flavored black teas add delicious
flavors in.

So now you’ve met Suzie. I’ll bring her around again when she’s ready.