Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

So. Traveling across this beautiful country of ours has brought us through some amazing places and experiences…

Many different sleeping styles, from couch surfing in New Orleans and Memphis to backpacking the Grand Canyon to camping in RV parks to luxurious Hilton parking lots…


At the beginning of our trip, back in December, we came across one of the first amazing places, a taste-bud life changer for me.
Where: West Sunset Blvd, LA
What: Elf Cafe
We got a table in this sweet little restaurant with a little waiting around and a bit of luck, because apparently, it’s usually a reservation-only place.
And my oh my oh my was the food delicious! We shared a soup and potato tart thing from the all-organic menu and were just in awe over the flavors. It may have been because I was super hungry, but think that that was probably the best food I’ve ever tasted. One day, we will meet again.

Other notes on LA:

Crazy traffic reputation is not the drivers’ fault, but because of the roads…

LA itself is kind of like a cup cake with frosting.

No words can describe THE GRAND CANYON.

Or pictures even. You just have to go there.

Flagstaff, AZ: Contrary to popular belief, it does snow in Arizona.

But there is cheap Indian food…


One useful thing we learned in Sedona: the secret threat of going to the dentist:


Texas: Drive, drive some more…and…come to a screeching halt at the sight of a Goodwill store, where they amazingly have all the right sizes and cute styles for very affordable prices. And no, no, just give up now, no matter how far you go, there will be no trees. Also those “Don’t mess with Texas” signs aren’t just for litter bugs. They are for innocent drivers as well. Crazy red trucks may try to follow you and play road rage games…and people don’t walk on the sidewalk. They don’t have to. That’s what those big old space-age submarine tank cars are for. Just kidding, I was secretly envious of those huge trucks, really, I was! Driving the tiny golf, we felt like a little-bitty-extremely-squashable bug attempting to outrun very large cows.

New Mexico: Sweet friends, African dance and hot chocolate…


New Orleans:


Frenchmen St. and area around: good bars with great live music. Even the hobos sound like pro musicians in hiding.
On New Years Eve go to the lake for fireworks


Yuki, the japanese restaurant on Frenchman st: We had amaZing Japanese food, sake, and listened to a gifted blues musician who just tore away at those heart strings.
Cafe du Monde: Super long line, we didn’t think donut balls were worth the wait.
City park is peaceful after the crowds.

House of Blues: where our couch surfing host worked as a chef.
91.5: the radio station with headquarters in a college building, where we stayed up until 3am with our couch surfing host, Doug, in awe of the musical library: shelves and shelves of CDs and records. Guess who was behind all that crazy music that night…it’s a mystery, really.
Calhoun st: good Mediterranean food place with delicious baklava and Lebanese iced tea.

Is this where that prison is? A ye old boys town, with an expensive campground and a restaurant that served us filling food (darn good beans) with all of the good old boys staring curiously across their bean stews at us….

Then we made our way through Wiggins, MS, to Flint Creek Campground, where we enjoyed some very rich chocolate from our friend as we wandered in the woods…


We made our way from there to our new home in Taylor, MS, where we spent the next month playing with goats and helping with the kidding season..




Here we also took part in a goat auction..


And randomly saw The Devil Makes Three play in nearby Oxford..


And then we met Elvis in his hometown.

It was so dry there that they painted the lawns a gorgeuos green:

You could hardly tell the difference!
Here we also messed around in Led Zeppelin’s recording studio:

Before spending the night on someone’s couch, trying to ignore the tornado warnings…what do they mean, it’s no big deal?!
And we slowly meandered towards our new home in Stanton, TN.

To have fun with the hogs

On our last night, we prepared a turkey outside, in a cauldron that had been in the family forever..

And! Went straight to the middle of nowhere, TN, to work on building lasagne beds, gather leaves for mulch, compost blueberries, and care for the array of chickens, guinia fowl ( who apparently eat ticks), quail, rabbits, and dogs and sheep, while trying to wean our calf, Cowboy, off of powdered milk and make the transition to grain. This involved much coaxing and milk/grain splattered pants. Here, we also did come up with some new cooking creations, including strawberry tart ala toaster oven, and deviled quail eggs from their quail (this took about three hours)


And now we’re making ourselves busy in NC, and we’ll try to add some more to this oh so exciting story soon!

Our new home:


A view hiking the black mts:



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